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This is a springtime view from the living room of my childhood home on James Island in Riverland Terrace, Charleston, SC. As a boy, I could walk in any direction and be swimming, pluff mudding or crabbing in the Stono River or the Wappoo Cut; or, ride my bike down oak lined avenues to visit scores of equally lucky boyhood friends. My boy Buster (aka Dunedin’s William Black Yates) is perched on the window ledge of my world so filled with wonderful memories of family and friends; of laughter; of mother and dad and sister; of courting and wedding my wonderful Joanne; of our children; of returning and renewal; and life.Buster 2001

Doggone Good Photos (C) Doggone Good Photos 2013-07-29T18:38:19Z 2013-07-29T18:38:19Z TIGER TAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL PHOTO SHOOT!


Razzle and Pippa Rose Youngblood

from a recent photo session at 

Tiger Tails Animal Hospital 

Click on Tiger Tails to check out some of the other beauties!

We'll be back in the Spring!






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0036WHS_Boykin Spaniel_2009-untitled copy 0074WHS_Boykin Spaniel_2009-untitled copy 0090WHS_Boykin Spaniel_2009-Edit-untitled copy

Perusing one of my favorite sites on FaceBook, today, I admired a few images and comments from Boykin spaniel owners regaling themselves on the antics of their chosen breed.  No doubt this is a fun loving breed that will seek out fun and frolic on its own and provide its human companion with endless hours of entertainment.  Their wonderful images reminded me of one of my favorite Boykin photo sessions with 10 year old Paco, the AKC cover dog, who, while providing me with the most beautiful and striking images so representative of this breed, had in his mind more adventurous and fun things to do.  As soon as he was released from his AKC duty, he headed straight for nearby Lake Hartwell, dove deep to the bottom and pulled up a large branch to happily and proudly display for all to see.   Every Boykin owner knows this to be –


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Okay - Somebody help.  How does this work?

  • Where do I start?  Maybe I should start at the beginning.  Hmmm! That's a lot of ground to cover.  I'm already tired just thinking about that. 
  • Alright - maybe I should start in the middle - with my first Scottie.  Oh, yes!  Buster...What a boy!  He got me into this photo thing, bless his heart.  Well there's a lot for me to say there.  Besides, there's Bonnie, and Clyde and Beauregard and Brianna...and Maggie.  We'll have to get to more of that in time.  Check back ... There are some wonderful stories to be told there.
  • Okay - why don't I start right Abbey and Emma...our newest rescues.  Is this like starting at the end?...or is this really...






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